For a detailed quote contact us at, or call us at 1-800-668-8208 or visit us online at Corporate Supplies CORPORATE PACKAGES Corporate Name Search Users Discount We also offer a 15% discount on Corporate Supplies related to the Corporate name searched by ESC. Specify your ESC Order Number to receive this discount. (Does not apply to Corporate Packages - already discounted.) ADDITIONAL STANDARD CORPORATE PACKAGES* ESC is pleased to tailor a package to your requirements with additional corporate packages depending on your specific requirements.Additional Corporate Packages include: Register - 8312, 3C1, 76NL, 4085, 4186, P5006H, PM118 (with or without slipcase), Gold Lettering or Brass Name Plate of the Corporation Name. Seal - Your choice of one from the following: Desk Seal, Mark MakerĀ®, Pocket By-Laws - Your choice of one director by-laws or more than 1 director by-laws. Share Certificates - Your choice of style, 12 of one type or 6 each of two types. 3 Corporate Name Search Users Discount